• Amplifier Series/Model Number: MP3000
  • Max number of sub-modules supplied 35
  • Max Power Output: 84 kVA per power bay
  • Max Output Voltage: 120 V rms
  • Max Output Current: 3,000 A rms
  • Number of Cabinets: 6
  • Amplifier Efficiency: > 92%
  • Max. Output Voltage: 120 V rms
  • Max. Output Current per module (Continuous): 50 A rms
  • Max. Output Current per module (Transient): 150 A rms
  • Amplifier Frequency Response: From DC (0.1 Hz) to 4,500 Hz: 3 dB; From 10 Hz to 3,000 Hz: 1 dB
  • Input Drive: 1.5 V rms into 10 k Ohms for full output 120 V rms
  • Input Impedence: 10 k ohm for direct coupled single ended connection. Output load connections are isolated from ground.
  • DC Stability: Less than 0.05% of full output voltage with 10% change in line voltage.
  • Signal-Noise-Ratio: More than 65 dB at 100 V rms output, 10 k ohm input termination with rated resistive load.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (at max. output): From DC (0.1 Hz) to 500 Hz < 0.5%; From 500Hz to 4,500 Hz < 1.0%
  • Switching Frequency: 112 kHz
  • Stability: < 0.05% variation of full output voltage with a 10% change in line voltage
  • Inrush Current Limiting: Soft start with current sensing and fault detection
  • System interlock Protection: Microprocessor continuously monitors: Shaker overtravel, relay protection, amplifier fault, external trigger, system start/stop signals and aux. Interlocks
  • EMC Emissions: All systems comply with the European CE standards with full testing and certification from TUV-SUD Product Service GmbH - Tested according to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC EN61000-6-4:2001 EN61000-6-2:2005 - Tested according to Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC EN60204-1:1997.
  • Dimensions uncrated (W x D x H): 21.6 x 31.5 x 81.0 in (550 x 800 x 2060 mm)
  • Amplifier weight uncrated: 3 bay: 3858 lb (1750 kg) : 4 bay: 5400 lb (2450 kg) : 5 bay:6500 lb (2950 kg) : 6 bay: xxxx lb (xxxx kg)

MPA3000 Series

Designed for use with ETS Solutions H Series water-cooled shakers and configurable to couple with any water-cooled shaker system. The MPA Series amplifier provides power for the field coil, shaker-cooling, hydraulic unit and other ancillary equipment and can be integrated as part of the start-up and stop sequences.

A master bay contains the main logic commands and power supply control. Multiple units of power bays with either or partial complement of power modules are configurable to the required power output. Each power bay accommodates a transformer coupled power supply, a slave logic module and a maximum power output of 84 kVA. Parallel connected power bay current sharing differential is less than 1 %. There is no risk of failures due to unbalance load between each power bay even under shock test conditions.

Logic Control Unit

Managed by high-speed microprocessor logic unit, the intelligence logic control system assures high output power with maximum safety protection. High switching frequency delivers low distortion with full power output over a broad frequency band.

Optional Accessories

Variable field power supply. Auxiliary Interlock Unit (AIU) for additional safety interlock I/O points. Remote control panel via RS485 communication with full system control at a distance of 1,600 ft (500 m).