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Climatic Chambers

ETS Solutions can supply shakers with a climatic chamber to customer specifications and needs. The system can be movable or non-movable dependent on test requirements. Contact one of our sales offices for assistance and a solution to your requirements.


ETS Solutions partners with Vibration Research Corporation and can provide turnkey systems including a controller to meet almost all specification requirements.


In our effort to serve our customers' diverse requirements, ETS Solutions partners with Dytran Instruments Inc. for its accelerometers and sensors. New products are constantly being introduced to their range and cover miniature/ESS to seismic as well as a full range of tri-axial accelerometers. Contact our sales office for product selection and assistance.

Explosion Proof Systems

ETS Solutions has experience providing explosion proof systems. Contact our sales office for assistance.

Seismic Masses

Working with experienced contractors, ETS Solutions can assist in the design and installation of a seismic mass. Contact our sales office for assistance

Multi-Axis Systems

ETS Solutions has designed, manufactured and installed multi-axis systems and can provide such systems for either low or high force requirements.

Used or Refurbished Systems

Not all budgets can afford new systems and therefore ETS Solutions can offer alternative solutions with used or refurbished equipment. ETS Solutions service team can also refurbish existing shakers with newer parts and replacement amplifiers. Contact our sales office for assistance.